It’s never too late

Ever find yourself pining away for some dream you once had? Do you wish you had taken action on that dream?

It’s not too late.

Here’s an article from the Huffington Post about 13 people you may have heard of who made a significant change in their careers.

OK, sure, so those are famous people. And, by and large, they went from some staid job to a crazy creative job.

Here’s another one. Johnny LeHane, a guy I once worked with at AOL. He left his steady job there to run WAKA – The World Adult Kickball Association.  He’s still at it. And last I checked, loving it.

But, does it always have to be leaving a steady job to do something that sounds crazy to the rest of the working world?


I had another friend who started his working career as an opera singer in the Metropolitan Opera. Yes, that one. To do what? Become a doctor. Which he did. In his early 40’s.

I’m sure you can come up with numerous other examples of people you know and have read about who took a major turn in their careers to do something completely different.

What’s your dream?  It’s not too late.