Are you an Orchid or a Weed?

Orchid photo
Photo Copyright 2013 David J Crone

Are you an Orchid or a Weed?

Orchids are considered to be beautiful. They are known for being extremely difficult to grow. They are prized, as much for their beauty as for the effort it requires to grow them.

Weeds can also be beautiful. They will grow virtually anywhere. They are tenacious. You hardly need to do anything to get them to grow. Until someone points a finger and says, “Weed!”, most people find them attractive.

Orchids are the divas of the flower world. If you treat them just right, you will have a beautiful flower. Weeds simply go about their business, growing wherever the seeds land.

Which one are you? Are you the high maintenance employee, only able to function and produce if all aspects of your work environment are just right?  Or are you more like a weed, able to plug in wherever you find yourself and produce despite a less than ideal environment?

Both have value. As for me, I prefer working with weeds. Let the divas, the orchids, have their pristine working conditions. Let them sit there and revel in their own reflection. Give me the weeds, the doers, the people for whom no job is below them, people who simply want to get stuff done.